Mirror mounting tape

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Mirror-mounting Tape

Mirror mounting tape is a specially formulated adhesive tape that is specifically designed to securely attach mirrors to different surfaces. It features a double-sided adhesive coating, typically with a foam or film backing, which offers excellent adhesion and provides cushioning to distribute the weight of the mirror evenly. The strong adhesive properties of the tape ensure a reliable and long-lasting bond between the mirror and the mounting surface, while the foam or film backing helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing the risk of the mirror coming loose. This type of tape eliminates the need for drilling holes or using hardware, making mirror installation quick, easy, and damage-f

  • Precise for indoor use only.
  • Humidity-resistant adhesive provides a powerful hold in humid environments.
  • Delivers a strong, permanent bond on confact.
  • Hold mirror to base without screws.
  • Easy to apply saves time and labour.
  • No more nails, glues, screws, rivets.
  • No drilling, no screwing.

product features

Strong AdhesiveMirror mounting tape is formulated with a strong adhesive that provides a secure bond between the mirror and the mounting surface. It ensures that the mirror stays firmly in place without the risk of falling or shifting.
Damage-FreeOne of the key advantages of mirror mounting tape is its ability to securely hold the mirror without causing any damage to the surface or the mirror itself. It eliminates the need for drilling holes or using nails, preserving the integrity of the mounting surface.
Superior FlexibilityNano-Sil tape is highly flexible, allowing it to conform to curved and irregular surfaces with ease. This flexibility enables precise and secure bonding even on uneven or complex shapes.
VersatilityMirror mounting tape is versatile and can be used on various surfaces, including drywall, wood, glass, tile, and more. It offers excellent adhesion on different materials, allowing for flexible installation options.
Easy ApplicationMirror mounting tape typically comes in pre-cut strips or rolls, making it easy to handle and apply. It often features a peel-and-stick design, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation. Simply peel off the backing and press the tape onto the mirror and the mounting surface.

product application

  • Mirror mounting tape is commonly used in home d├ęcor projects. It allows for quick and easy installation of mirrors on walls, doors, and furniture. Whether you're creating a decorative accent or adding functionality to a space, mirror mounting tape ensures a secure and hassle-free attachment.
  • Mirror mounting tape is a favorite tool among artists and craft enthusiasts. It enables the attachment of mirrors to various art projects, such as collage work, mixed media pieces, and DIY crafts. The tape's adhesive properties ensure that the mirrors stay securely in place, allowing for creative and dynamic designs.
  • In the retail industry, mirror mounting tape plays a vital role in creating captivating displays. It allows retailers to showcase products with strategically placed mirrors, enhancing visibility and aesthetics. The tape's strong bonding ability ensures that the mirrors remain firmly attached, even in high-traffic retail environments.
  • Mirror mounting tape finds applications in photography and filmmaking setups. It enables the secure placement of mirrors for reflective effects, lighting adjustments, and unique visual compositions. The tape's versatility and adhesive strength ensure stable mirror positioning during shooting.
  • Mirror mounting tape is used in event design and decor to create stunning visual experiences. It facilitates the temporary installation of mirrors for weddings, parties, exhibitions, and corporate events. The tape's easy application and residue-free removal make it an ideal choice for temporary event setups.

used by industries

Interior Design and Decor
Display and Signage
Automotive Industry
Manufacturing and Assembly
Hospitality and Entertainment
Medical and Healthcare
Home Improvement and Renovation
Electronics and Appliances