PMX 5000

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PMX Double-sided tape is a specialized adhesive tape that features adhesive on both sides, allowing it to bond two surfaces together. It is commonly used in various applications where a strong and reliable bond is required. PMX Double-sided tape typically consists of a thin layer of adhesive sandwiched between two release liners, which are removed during the application process.
This tape is known for its high adhesive strength and versatility. It can be used on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, glass, and wood. The adhesive used in PMX Double-sided tape is often acrylic-based, providing excellent bonding properties and resistance to temperature changes, moisture, and

  • High adhesive industrial tape
  • High intensity up fo 180°C heat resistance and double sided tissue fap.
  • High adhesive non-woven tissue offer superior adhesive strength. Excellent in fixing of parts.
  • Anti rebounding & anti wrapping.
  • To bond punched metal name plates.
  • To bond abs decorative panels and fixing plastic
  • Also available in PMX 500 and PMX 501

product features

High Adhesive Strengthstrong adhesive properties, providing excellent bonding strength between surfaces. They can securely hold materials together, even in demanding applications.
Optimal ThicknessThe optimal thickness ensures a balance between flexibility and bonding strength.
Excellent ConformabilityThe tapes adapt well to the contours of the materials, ensuring a uniform and reliable bond.
Temperature ResistanceThey can withstand fluctuations in temperature without compromising the bond.
Moisture and Solvent ResistanceThe resistance to moisture ensures a reliable bond, even in humid or wet conditions.

product application

  • PMX Double-sided tapes are commonly used in product assembly processes. They provide a reliable and efficient bonding solution for joining components, securing parts, and attaching various materials together. From electronics to automotive parts, PMX Double-sided tapes ensure secure and durable assembly.
  • PMX Double-sided tapes are widely employed in graphic and signage installation. They offer a strong bond and excellent adhesion to various surfaces, making them ideal for mounting signs, posters, banners, and graphics. These tapes ensure easy and hassle-free installation while providing a clean and professional appearance.
  • PMX Double-sided tapes are utilized in the paper and stationery industry for various applications. They are commonly used for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and gift wrapping, allowing for seamless and invisible bonding of paper materials. PMX Double-sided tapes provide a neat and clean finish without any visible adhesive residue.
  • PMX Double-sided tapes are popular among artists and crafters. They are used in a wide range of art and craft projects, such as collage making, photo mounting, and artwork assembly. These tapes offer precise and secure bonding, allowing for creative and professional-looking results.
  • PMX Double-sided tapes find application in home improvement and decor projects. They are used for mounting mirrors, attaching hooks and fixtures, securing lightweight objects to walls or surfaces, and even temporary carpet installation. PMX Double-sided tapes provide convenience and ease of use for various household applications.

used by industries

Automotive Industry
Electronics Industry
Signage and Display Industry
Construction and Building Industry
Packaging Industry
Manufacturing and Assembly
Furniture and Woodworking Industry
DIY and Crafts
Medical and Healthcare Industry
Textile and Apparel Industry