Shuttering Tape

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Shuttering tape is a specialized adhesive tape used in construction and carpentry for various shuttering applications. It is designed to provide a secure and tight seal between different components of formwork or shuttering systems. The tape is typically made of durable materials, such as reinforced fabric or high-strength adhesive, to withstand the rigors of construction work.
Shuttering tape is commonly used in concrete casting and formwork processes. It helps create a barrier between the formwork and the concrete, preventing leakage and ensuring clean and defined edges in the finished concrete structure. The tape is applied to the joints and seams of the formwork to seal them tightly,

  • Very strong and high adhesive product.
  • Specially designed for shuttering purposes before slab cast.
  • Can fill joints and empty spaces between two ply.
  • Prevents leakage from shuttering joints.
  • Available in various colours and sizes.

product features

Strong AdhesionShuttering tape is known for its excellent adhesion properties, allowing it to securely bond to various surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic. This ensures that the tape remains in place even during the concrete pouring and curing process.
Water ResistanceShuttering tape is designed to withstand exposure to moisture and water. It forms a reliable barrier against water penetration, preventing leakage and maintaining the integrity of the formwork.
DurabilityThe tape is made from durable materials that can withstand the rigors of construction work. It is designed to resist tearing, abrasion, and damage from external factors, ensuring its longevity and performance in demanding construction environments.
Easy ApplicationShuttering tape is easy to handle and apply. It can be quickly cut to size and adhered to the required areas of the formwork, saving time and effort during the construction process.
Clean RemovalWhen the construction process is complete, shuttering tape can be cleanly removed without leaving residue or damaging the underlying surfaces. This facilitates easy dismantling of the formwork and reduces the need for additional cleaning or repairs.

product application

  • It is applied to the edges and joints of formwork panels to create a tight seal and prevent leakage of concrete during the pouring and curing process.
  • It helps in achieving smooth and clean edges, ensuring precise formwork alignment and preventing concrete seepage.
  • It helps in creating a level and even surface, preventing any concrete leakage at the joints.
  • It is applied to the formwork panels to ensure that the concrete sets evenly and does not leak or seep through the joints.
  • It assists in achieving proper alignment, preventing concrete leakage, and ensuring the stability and durability of the foundation.

used by industries

Construction Industry
Civil Engineering Projects
High-rise Building Construction
Residential and Commercial Construction
Industrial Infrastructure
Bridge and Dam Construction
Pre-cast Concrete Elements
Infrastructure Rehabilitation
Architectural Features and Decorative Structures
Temporary Structures and Event Installations